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Interview :  Elpea

Name: /
ESO2 Nickname/Famous nicknames: Elpea (ESO), Lp (what it sounds like, and what it stands for)
Age: 17
City: Orlando


Hoy, can you shortly introduce yourself?


Well uh, I've been an Ager as long as I've been a computer gamer. I've been really active in the community since Age3 was announced (which btw, it was me who broke the news that it was being made way before any magazine article). While working at Age of Empires III Heaven I learned how rewarding working with the Age community was.


Can you tell us your history in the video games? Especially in the Age of series.


I've played games since I was 4. I was born in a family of gamers, where my uncle owned himself an arcade and my mom a video game store. I've always wanted to make games, which led to my interest in computers and eventually finding Age of Empires (first). When the second came out I bought it and loved it more than any game before. I joined Age of Mythology Heaven around the time Age of Mythology came out, and was a very active scenario designer. My works there gave me the job at Heavengames, and eventually Age of Empires III Heaven.


Let’s start from the beginning. Tell us more about the first time you played AOE 3.


Preview Build, months before the release. Back then the game, I admit, sucked big. Playing single player just had no magic to it, especially a very buggy single player with only one fully working AI. However, when I got the review copy and took it online, I fell in love with the game.


After more than one month after his release, do you think that this game feels like a real Age of game? Are you satisfied with the game or  is it a bad surprise for you?


I love the game. I am not one of those people who go "this is an age game" or not, I judge if the game is good or not. Age3 is really good, just also missing a lot to be ready IMO.


Favorite civilization and why?


Germans. I love their military and their economy doesn't fall behind a lot. Also the only civilization I could win with pre-release, because freaken TGE and JcL kept beating the crap out of daily.


Favorite strategy and why?


I love merc rushes. I wish I could do it as good as I've seen people do it though. Mercs are just awesome units that people get scared at the simple sight of them. Imagine having 4 merc armies around your base in a matter of minutes.


Favorite map and why?


Yukon. It offers some great strategy paths, as well as having a pretty terrain. The map has a completely other side full of resources and natives, that to gain the benefits of using it, you must fight for. But on the other hand, this side if far far away from your base, so focusing on that could be very dangerous.


Mercs were a big problem in AOM/TT…What do you think of the new mercenaries in AOE3? And what is your favorite merc unit?


They're fine. They are expensive and strong, yum. Jaegars are my favorite merc.


In a general way, what do you think of the balance?


You're French right? Please don't fight me.


Your point of view of ESO2, the online servers?


It's great, better than AoM's. I bet by the xpack it will pwn even more.


If you could add one feature into the game or change a thing, what would you do and why?


I'd add the Grand Conquest mode back. It seems like an interesting feature that never made in. That or a ladder.


Opposite way, if you could remove a feature or something?


I'd remove the single player campaign. It's bad, very bad.


What do you think about the international community? And the French one?


I've visited French sites before (looking for news), and I was surprised on how active you guys are. I'm aware of a Brazilian community too, which surprises me counting on how expensive it must be to play Age3 in Brazil.


How long do you play per day (or week)?


On weekdays I play once-twice sometimes even more per day. On weekends I play almost entire Saturday, and some games on Sunday too.


What is your opinion about the recorded games feature?


It sucks, fraps 4thewin.


Who’s your favorite international player? And French player?


You? :P (Note: ^^)


Can you give the us some tips you use while you are playing?


Suicide is never the answer. I mean, when your ally uses his villagers (non french, btw) to try to fend off an enemy rush... you need to kick him. I went through that a lot before, and it's one of my most hated online thing.


Hotkeys are a very important aspect of the game and the speed for a player. Can you tell us how you set upped your hotkeys?


I changed nothing. I usually learn the default keyset for computer games. That is because when I go play somewhere else, I don't have to spend an enormous amount of time setting my keys.


W3 and Starcraft have professional players. What do you think about that progaming aspect of the game? What do you think about the future of that progaming in a general way?


I think pro-gaming will soon be as important as a lot of sports. Perhaps not footbal or basketball, but important anyway. Gaming is growing by the second, with the big hits like Halo and Half Life, the industry is growing and great gamers are emerging.


Your personal purpose in the next weeks or months in AOE3?


I got my job back at Age of Empires III Heaven, so I guess you'll be seeing me working there.


Little game, word association. I give you a word; you have to tell me quickly another one, just what you think.


ES? Slow.
Ottomans? OP!
French? female?
HC concept? Overrated.
Amazonia? newbies.
Skill? newbie.
Pgm? dunno
Patch? unfixed.
Iamgrunt? Yikes.
Sanctuary? <3


Final step, do you have something special to say to the crowd?


Keep on complaining. We might not be as heard as the AgeCommunity newbies initially, but we can't give up. Also, on FFAs, please kill me last.


Thx a lot, take care.