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 Interview :  Artosis


Name: Dan Stemkoski
ESO2 Nickname/Famous nicknames: Artosis
Age: 22
City: Salem, NH, USA


Hoy, can you shortly introduce yourself?


My name is Dan Stemkoski and I'm from NH, USA. I currently am in university and I love competitive gaming + anime. [Note: OMFG i love anime too ! Ur Teh RoXoR ! xD]


Can you tell us your history in the video games? Especially in the Age of series.


I come from StarCraft, where I have been playing competitively for 7+ years on and off.


Let’s start from the beginning. Tell us more about the first time you played AOE 3.


I downloaded the AOE3 demo in september. I thought that it was pretty fun, and after playing it for a while I realized that it might actually require skill to play well. That made me happy and I played a bunch on the demo.


After more than one month after his release, do you think that this game feels like a real Age of game? Are you satisfied with the game or  is it a bad surprise for you?


I don't know how a real age game would feel, but I am upset with the current balance. The game is good but playing vs French and Ottoman only is really boring.


Favorite civilization and why?


Spain is the most fun for me, because it is the race that plays most like StarCraft with speed and macro both being needed.


Favorite strategy and why?


My favorite strategy is to power up to ~50 peons with russia while harassing, and then macro like crazy.


Favorite map and why?


My favorite map is Bayou. Bayou has very few resources and not much land, so it is very action packed. I think the map takes a lot of skill to play and is quite balanced.


Mercs were a big problem in AOM/TT…What do you think of the new mercenaries in AOE3? And what is your favorite merc unit?


I think mercs are really neat and balanced. Maybe "Black Riders" are a bit too strong. My favorite merc is by far Manchu Archers, they save me in many games^^


In a general way, what do you think of the balance?


The balance is very poor. Ottoman takes absolutely no skill to play and is by far the best race. The French peon/age 2 skirm problem is also overpowered, and one or the other needs to be fixed.


Your point of view of ESO2, the online servers?


ESO2 lags too much. The ladders are really stupid too. Also, there needs to be a way to message people in game, and recieve messages in game.


Are you optimist about AOE3’s future (Tournaments, cash, sponsors, online people…)?


I am optimistic about AOE3's future. If the game is accepted into WCG, it will be a HUGE deal.


If you could add one feature into the game or change a thing, what would you do and why?


I would add obs mode. It is a lot easier to train, and the game is much more exciting when you can observe people playing.


Opposite way, if you could remove a feature or something?


I would remove Abus Guns. They are stupidly overpowered.


What do you think about the international community? And the French one?


I think that the community is too segregated right now. In other more successful games, everyone hangs out together and are friends. Any tournament or league held is for people of any country. On ESO I see channels like "France" "Germany" etc, and this is NOT good for the game to grow.


How long do you play per day (or week)?


If there are good players online to play, I play a lot. On days when no one really good is on, it is boring and I just come back later. I probably play about 30 hours a week right now.


What is your opinion about the recorded games feature?


You should have the option to save the recorded game AFTER you play it. Also, you should be able to watch them online with friends. Replay watching is a huge social thing in StarCraft, and it helps learning if you can discuss it while watching it.


Who’s your favorite international player? And French player?


y favorite international players are CReatiVe, GeNThO, and Hope_. For French I really like NicKy, OryO, Yin, and JohnDoe.


Can you give the us some tips you use while you are playing?


You have to watch the Mini-Map a lot for harass and unit movements. Reacting quickly is very important.


Hotkeys are a very important aspect of the game and the speed for a player. Can you tell us how you set upped your hotkeys?


I just use the default hotkeys. I wish that things like the Fort, Galleon, and basically everything in the game had a hotkey. It really takes from my speed and skill having to click on pictures.


W3 and Starcraft have professional players. What do you think about that progaming aspect of the game? What do you think about the future of that progaming in a general way?


Progaming will get bigger and bigger. I'm not really sure how this game will do with progaming. I think and hope it will get picked up in WCG, ESL, etc.


Your personal purpose in the next weeks or months in AOE3?


I will continue to manage my team (, promote A3CT ( and practice playing as well.


Little game, word association. I give you a word; you have to tell me quickly another one, just what you think.


AOE 3? Laggy
ES? history
Ottomans? abusguns
French? 300hp
HC concept? Magic
Amazonia? LAG
Skill? some
Pgm? dunno
Patch? PLEASE.
Iamgrunt? ass****
Sanctuary? replays!


Final step, do you have something special to say to the crowd?




Thx a lot, take care.